It is essential for man to know God. In fact, it is an amazing concept that God can be known. It is equally amazing that the One Who created and upholds the universe is interested in individuals. A God big enough to make the universe however, is a God big enough to keep track of individual people. Many throughout history have questioned the idea that God can be known, but the Bible makes it clear that to know God is possible, essential and awesome. God speaks directly and clearly to every man in the Book of Proverbs when He says..."I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me!" As in any relationship, the knowing grows with time and effort. Recent studies make the claim that inspite of all the texting and social media and minutes spent on the cell phone that interpersonal relationships are more shallow than ever. It would seem that old fashioned intimate face to face, two-way communication is the key to real knowing! The Lord is looking for more than a text message; the Lord is seeking worshippers, lovers. It is true, and exciting that God is not just seeking saints, but Sons and Daughters. It is time to seek the Lord! Pastor Crutchfield
Knowing God